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Think You Know Everything About Apprenticeships in London Think Again!

Apprenticeship refers to the training received at the job site.? It is purely technical or skill based. Previously, people were of the impression that technical or skill based apprenticeship is for only low class people. High class society was more interested in higher studies.? Nowadays, the trend has changed. The class differentiation is not to be found anymore, as people started recognizing the value of apprenticeship. You gain practical knowledge along with theoretical knowledge.? Im not saying higher studies are just a waste.? No, it has its own importance but apprenticeship is equally important. The certificate received after completion of the apprenticeship period is a valuable document.? On this documents basis, an apprentice can apply for a job.



London being a land of sources, London apprenticeships has become popular. It is not that there are no other sources where these apprenticeships are not available, but London apprenticeships provide more facilities when compared to other countries.

Day by day, the scope of apprenticeship is increasing vastly. There are many subjects it is concentrating on.? One such subject is business apprenticeship. Business Apprenticeship involves various training regarding managing of a business to some extent. Nothing can be taught full fledgy.? You have to prove yourself.? One business is different from another.? Only the common basics of any business can only be taught. Use your business apprenticeship experience along with your own talent to improvise the business.


Business Apprenticeship in London, mainly involves tackling of practical situations in business where certain actions are to be taken, keeping in mind the UK business laws. It mainly involves?? developing, planning and making strategies. Business development courses in London include Business Strategy, Marketing planning and strategy, Management techniques etc.

There are a number of educational institutions which provide apprenticeships to its students. These educational colleges/institutions train their students in various skills and place them accordingly. They develop many courses to impart knowledge related to particular subject like finance, business development etc.

A college I would recommend in London is ALPHA GATEWAY COLLEGE.


ALPHA GATEWAY COLLEGE based in Waltham Forest imparts knowledge through various courses like Business Courses; Health & Social Care Courses; Functional Skills; and Apprenticeships in the various fields. Their dedication towards imparting of knowledge makes them unique. They provide Pastoral Care & Support to the learners.

Their business courses involve training in the following subjects: Accounts, Financial services, Business and Administration, team leading and management.? The course period varies from 6 months to 9 months and the fees depend on the type of course selected and prices are between 1,650 to 2,100. A proper attention has to be given to each student.? So various batches have been made for the benefit of the student. Enrol now to avail the benefits given by the College.



One more course that has gained popularity these days is apprenticeships in Children & Young People Workforce. This is for people who work with children ? from birth to 16-year-olds (and their families) ? in settings or services whose main purpose is childrens care, learning and development. Workers in this area make sure children are looked after, kept active, happy and nourished. They also help children develop social and practical skills.

Their Contact address:

  • Alpha Gateway College, Sutherland House, 43 Sutherland Road, London E17 6BU
  • Email id
  • Phone No. 0208 527 1627