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Regain your lost self confidence with London Apprenticeships

If you have lost your self confidence as you are unemployed due to low academic grades, then you may opt for apprenticeship jobs. Apprenticeship offers a way for you to learn a new skill or trade while still getting paid. Apprenticeships in London are new generation of training which combines the study of a specific skill or trade and the on-job training learning experience. It gives a big moral boost to the individual.


An apprentice is a person who learns on the job and is employed by a company or organization which helps the apprentice pave his way for a bright future. Being an apprentice, you will get paid less than skilled employee wage which may not sound like much, but for unemployed workers its a big financial boost. Plus, as your skills go up, so does your wage. Income isn’t the only thing that these positions offer. By taking an apprenticeship job, you can learn a new trade without going back to school. The apprentice will receive a qualification or certificate at the end of the course which they can take with them for the rest of their lives in any employment. The course requires all apprentices in all areas to have a job throughout their training at college.


Apprentices are provided with hands on training under the supervision of an experienced and skilled mentor or trainer. At the same time you can also obtain detailed training by taking specific, specialized classes that are precisely related to your new profession. If you are looking for a good business school in London for a short course in business or management then opting for apprenticeships will definitely suffice your needs.


Some popular apprenticeships in London are in Health and Social Care, Accountancy, Business Administration, Management, Music apprenticeship, Team Leading, Customer Service etc. There are many educational institutes or colleges in London, offering an in-depth, direct, devoted training experience for apprentices. Thousands of apprentices are getting benefitted from these colleges. You may end up in becoming an assistant doctor, a nurse, assistant to opticians or dentist if you pursue apprenticeship in health and Social Care.


A project manager or a team lead positions are offered on completion of management apprenticeship. You may be taking care of financial aspects of company like payroll, taxes etc with apprenticeship in accountancy. To enrol in any of the apprenticeship, you just need to be living in UK, 16+ age and no longer associated with full time higher education with any college. Many employees end up hiring their apprentices as full time staff as once training is completed.


Alpha Gateway College, London specializes in a number of different apprenticeships and certificates at different levels. Since 2003, they have been into provision of accredited learning and professional development of youngsters. For more information visit or just call them at 0208 527 1627. Mail them at for any queries.? Or, just visit the main campus at Alpha Gateway College, Sutherland House, 43 Sutherland Road, London E17 6BU.