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Professional Health Care Apprenticeship in London

It is very important for one to know the difference between Training and Apprenticeship. Both Training and Apprenticeship literally mean the same but there is a slight difference in both of them. Training refers to training received at an educational institution whereas Apprenticeship is the training received on-the-job site where one is being paid for the services rendered.? The payment may not be full payment as the student is under training.? He/She may receive a fund. After the completion of apprenticeship period the apprentice may or may not be regularized by the company.


When the pages of history are turned, we find that the concept of Apprenticeships was popular in relation to technical skills which are mainly required in the manufacturing units.? Each apprenticeship period depends on the complexity of the skill.
The time taken to learn the skill in tailoring is different when compared to carpentry work. People who successfully complete an apprenticeship reach the professional certification level of competence.

London is a city of opportunities.? Maybe that is the reason why many people opt for London apprenticeships.? London Apprenticeship is provided with or without food and accommodation.


As the requirement of apprentice is increasing day by day there has been many subjects in which the importance of apprenticeship has increased. Right from technical skills, the need of apprenticeship has made its place in the subjects like business development, business analysis, accounts and administration, healthcare, customer care services etc.


All the subjects can be handled by any sort of student or apprentice. But an apprenticeship in Healthcare means complete dedication towards doing service. This course has gained importance as it deals with health of an individual.? There is a popular saying Health is Wealth.? There is nothing greater or superior to ones own health.? It is not equivalent to wealth but something more than that. Only an individual who is willing to do service i.e., take care of people can succeed in this course. The healthcare apprenticeship normally deals with how to take care of people, their medication, their care in case of injuries etc. For instance, the nursing staff you find in hospitals are the ones who are well trained in the nursing institutions.


One more thing to be considered is that there is a lot of scope of employment by doing healthcare apprenticeship as there is always a need for nursing staff.

There are a number of educational institutions imparting apprenticeships in healthcare.? But to gain quality knowledge you need to approach Alpha Gateway College, London.? They have proven results to show their capabilities. The students are trained under the guidance of professional and experienced tutors.


Located at Waltham Forest, ALPHA GATEWAY COLLEGE ?have been striving in educating the students and has been involved in the provision of accredited learning and professional development of adults and young people since 2003. They offer excellent coaching in courses like Business Courses; Health & Social Care Courses; Functional Skills.

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