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Open Doors to New Careers through Apprenticeships

If you give a poor man a fish, you satisfy his hunger but if you teach him to fish you give him an occupation that satisfies his hunger for a lifetime. The aforementioned Chinese proverb encapsulates the importance of skill training or apprenticeships. Apprenticeships have been a time tested strategy to open your gateways into a successful career.


According to UK government Skill Funding Agency, Apprenticeship programs in London stands at a record level of 9 million and 9 out of 10 employers vouched that the program had helped them improve the quality of their business. Studies also reveal that approximately 90% of the apprentices stay with the same employer thereby being a value addition to the company.

What is an Apprenticeship Program?


It is a mentored industrial experience that helps students bridge the gap between academia and the industry. It judiciously mixes classroom learning with an on the job training. The importance of apprenticeship comes handy in professional courses like engineering where students can learn allied skills and pave way for quality enhancement of the industry. Plumbing apprenticeships, wiring, carpentry etc. also equip students with life skill as well as improve their scope of career in a service related industry.

Framework of Apprenticeship Programs

Majority of the colleges in East London have framed their apprenticeship programmes in 3 different tiers namely foundation, apprenticeship and higher apprenticeship. Most of the apprenticeship duration varies from 12 months or more and their curriculum apart from focusing on skill element like engineering apprenticeship or plumbing also equips students with computer skills, soft skills, and business skills.


Advantages of Apprenticeship for Student

  • The right mixture of classroom learning and on the job training can equip you with unparalleled skill sets for your chosen career.
  • Gives a candidate a fair idea of whether the particular field of chosen study is feasible for him in the long run based on getting a practical experience.
  • Ability to make good contacts and connections with people who can give a boost to your resume
  • Can help students traverse the campus to corporate gap by imbibing a sense of responsibility, professionalism and work ethics while they are still in college
  • Opportunities to earn while you learn



Advantages for the Employer

  • Most firms believe that hiring apprentices enhance their reputation as employers in the market. The soaring 84 % rise in engineering apprenticeships in London is a quintessential example to this.
  • Opportunity to choose an apprenticeship program to meet your business needs
  • Opportunity to increase competitiveness and productivity of their work culture by helping them to reduce workload and fill the skill gap.
  • Find valuable workforce for their industry. Most of these apprentices are made permanent employees depending on their performance.

The Apprenticeship programs at Alpha Gateway College are designed to provide vocational educational and management skills structured along with forerunners in the industry. Students are equipped with skill elements along with allied range of key requirements like Information Technology, key accounting and managerial skills that can augment their employability. So get your baby steps in the industry right with the right mentors.