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Join Apprenticeship Course in London to Earn & Learn Simultaneously

Apprenticeship teaches students the skills and knowledge needed to increase their chances of being employed as employers are looking for apprentices round the year. London is the main hub of a vast number of apprenticeships as most of the new apprentices appears here first.

012wkcThe demands of apprentices are increasing each day. After particular surveys, the following points were revealed:

  • According to 70% of employers, apprentices in a short span of time delivered increased return on investment.
  • 84% of employers praised apprentices and said hiring them will enhance their reputation as employers in the market.
  • 69% stated apprenticeships were an efficient way of nurturing management skills.
  • 92% confirmed interpersonal skills & teamwork was enhanced because of the apprenticeship programmers.
  • 84% had a notion that analytical skills & problem-solving techniques were improved by these apprenticeship programmers.

h-webster-7335The survey result clearly highlights that, pursuing apprenticeship programmers will increase the market value of the employees. They will be welcomed by any team.


From employers point of view, there are many benefits of hiring apprentices. Apprentices increase the productivity of companies, bringing in long-term as well as short-term gains. According to a recent research, done by the Centre for Economics and Business Research found that each of the apprentices makes a gain of even more than 10,000 per year for the company. Apart from increasing productivity, apprentices also make the company hold a competitive position in the market. 77% of employers during an Industry research agreed that hiring apprentices helped the company to be more competitive.

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Investing in apprenticeships will help to build skills so that you have skilled staff that can bring productivity. In London, the companies are facing a gap in skill and hence it is difficult to find suitable employees. The apprenticeship programme will definitely bring benefits. The employers get another benefit of training the employees while the apprentices are making a contribution to the organization.


Apprenticeship training is beneficial for employees, as they get the opportunity to work in a practical environment. They get a better picture of the business world. The apprentices get a chance to improve their skills and head towards a successful career path. There is never ending demand of apprentices in the UK, making organizations more than eager to hire them.

girl-studying-in-library-1Alpha Gateway College, London, design work-based training programs according to the? requirement of the employers. These programs will help to have an efficient and effective workforce. At the end of the program, you will bear nationally recognized qualification. These programs are ideal for those who want to earn and learn at the same time. These programs are of minimum 1 year and apprentices may be asked by the employer to continue as a permanent employee in the organization. Alpha Gateway College, is offering apprenticeships courses for Customer service, Business & Administration, Health & social care ,Accounting, Team leading, Management, Children & Young people workforce.

Apprenticeship programs are best for those who want to kick start their career. Apprenticeship in London will open up great job options, as it is the capital city of the UK.