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How to Secure a Job with Business Apprenticeships in London

When any training is given in the office/factory location where actual job is done, it is Apprenticeship. Parallelly, even theory classes are given to the apprentice. The only difference between training and apprenticeship is that training relates to the theoretical coaching but in apprenticeship, a student/an individual gains practical knowledge of the job that help him/her to handle the situation independently. People who successfully complete an apprenticeship receive the professional certification level of competence.


Apprenticeship in London has become a prestigious point.? I was wondering why everyone is so crazy about apprenticeship in London. But after detailed study, I realised London apprenticeship has some unique quality.

Like elsewhere, apprenticeships in London are provided with or without food and accommodation. It depends on the employer of the company who takes work from his apprentice and pays him some something in return.


Previously, apprenticeships were provided on physical skills.? But today the scope has changed.

Apart from physical skills, apprenticeships are provided for professions where you need your brains like in Business Apprenticeship.? This is a concept which is very popular in London.


Business apprenticeship in London, is the apprenticeship given related to various business development such as developing, planning and strategies. Business development courses in London are courses which are dedicated to the latest techniques and trends in the core areas of management. It has been developed taking into consideration the new challenges of the corporate world, alongside the?continuous evolution of the media and the rapidly increasing pace of business. Business development courses in London include Business Strategy, Marketing planning and strategy, Management techniques etc.


Apprenticeships were given on job site previously, but now there are many educational institutions which provide this facility to its students.Apprenticeships are available on various training and placement colleges in London. These educational colleges/institutions train their students in various skills and place them accordingly. They develop many courses to impart knowledge related to particular subject like finance, business development etc.


One of best colleges available in London is ALPHA GATEWAY COLLEGE.?

ALPHA GATEWAY COLLEGE which is based in Waltham Forest? imparts various knowledge through various ?courses like Business Courses; Health & Social Care Courses; Functional Skills; and Apprenticeships in the field of :

  • Health & Social Care
  • Business & Administration
  • Customer Service
  • Children & Young People Workforce
  • Accounting
  • Team Leading
  • Management

At Alpha Gateway College, work-based training programs are designed on the basis of the needs of employers, which lead to nationally recognized qualifications. The business courses available are Accounting Level 2; financial services, Certificate in Business & Administration Level 2, Diploma in Business & Administration Level 3, Certificate in Team Leading Level 2, Diploma in Management Level 3.? Duration of these courses varies from 6 months to 9 months. There is no measuring unit to test the quality and content of knowledge received at reputed college Alpha Gate College, London.



Their Contact address:


  • Alpha Gateway College, Sutherland House, 43 Sutherland Road, London E17 6BU
  • Email id
  • Phone No. 0208 527 1627