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Health and social care courses in london - Alpha Gateway College

Health and Social Care Courses – Elevate Your Passion into Your Career

Health and social care is an ever-growing domain. A lot of emphasis is being placed on a healthy lifestyle in our society; hence there is an ever-increasing demand for qualified health and social care practitioners. So, as a career it can give you a platform where only sky is the limit.

This foundation course is appropriate for you if you are already working in a health or social care setting and want to enhance your expertise and skills sets to undertake nursing associate or assistant practitioner roles.

We at Alpha Gateway College, have designed the course to equip you with the skills and expertise that you need to administer good quality, safe and empathetic care in any role you choose to undertake. We provide both apprenticeships and short-term health and social care courses.

By enrolling into this course you will develop as an independent and thoughtful learner. You will be able to examine the concepts and processes and alter and enhance your skills and expertise. This will let you establish yourself when working across agencies and professional boundaries. By the time you graduate youll be adept in evaluating the emerging strategic solutions and possess the necessary critical and analytical skills needed to engage in the profession.

Advantages of enrolling with us:

  • You will study along with students who are already a part of the health and social care profession. You will be able to learn from their experience that they have gathered from the working environment. It will help you to provide the highest standard of care to your patients in your future endeavors.
  • Moving out of the classroom and into the workplace is a key part of your learning, so you will be encouraged to get involved in voluntary work in such environments throughout the semester.
  • Our esteemed faculty is an active part of research and work closely in the health and social care domain and also with other voluntary and charitable organisations. Their experiences will guide and help you grow into successful professionals.
  • Regular seminars and talks by health and social care service providers and service users will definitely give a new perspective that will enhance your understanding.
  • There is a strong emphasis upon improving the quality of care delivery within the health and social care sector. And we are sure you will be the torch bearer of change.