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Earn While you Learn- Give Wings to your Aspirations

Earn While you Learn – Give Wings to your Aspirations

Apprenticeships can offer the best of both worlds along with high-quality, job-based training programs and are a fantastic way to launch yourself into a career when you have finished school. They are also a great alternative for those who are already employed to expand or alter their future prospects.

Here are the top 4 benefits of enrolling for Apprentice Programs:

1. On-the-job training

Apprenticeships combine paid work with training, which means that you earn money while completing your education. You also gain experience from working in an area of your choice and get the opportunity to gain the expertise and knowledge required for your chosen profession in a real-world and practical setting.

2. Flexibility

Apprenticeships can be full time or part time and there is no set time period allocated to training. Instead, trainings in apprenticeships are competency-based, meaning you finish your training once you acquire a certain skill level. Apprenticeships usually take between three to four years to get over.

3. Paid holidays

As an apprentice, you’ll be treated like a regular employee of your company and be entitled to take paid holidays too. Your entitlement may vary depending on your employment and agreement. You may also be able to take some time off to study in addition to applying for the usual paid leaves, but the leeway you get will depend on your employer and the type of job you have.

4. Plethora of opportunities

There are more than 500 training opportunities offered to apprentices in areas such as agriculture, automotive, construction, business, food, hairdressing, information technology, sports and recreation. Apprenticeships allow students to become qualified in a particular trade.

Sometimes, students or young professionals may find that they do not have a great scope in the job market because of their inexperience. Not only does an apprentice program benefit a job seeker in their resume and in the form of recommendations, it comes in handy to them in their future endeavors as well. You may realize that you are more confident than your peers while interacting with your superiors. Your management and those above you may also find that your communication and time-management skills are above average. Apprenticeships are valued highly by employers because they represent qualities like dedication, forethought and a willingness to work.