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According to UK Skill funding agency and Department of Business, Innovations and Skills

  • About 96 % employees reports benefit to their business after taking up an apprentice.
  • 92 %closure rates for jobs involving apprentices
  • More than 90 % of apprentices get into the same company thereby being a value addition to the industry


Apprenticeships are undeniably a vital part of a students profile especially in the case of a professional course like engineering. It may also help students with valid life skills, e.g. a plumbing apprenticeship, carpentry or basic wiring apprenticeships are much essential skills required for any citizen. They also help in improving the quality of service industry aiding associated trades. For e.g. construction firms always require electrical, air-conditioning, plumbing, masonry workers. Apart from giving students the opportunity to earn while they learn, they also provide them with hands on experiences which are rarely received in a classroom atmosphere. They help students get ready for the industry by demolishing the viability gap between the academia and industry.


As per various survey and statistical reports, around 75 % newly placed employees in the industry has had an apprenticeship experience. The greatest questions faced by students while trying for employment are- what hands on/practical skills do you have? Do you have what the industry demands from you? Are you able to make good contacts and connections with people who can give a boost to your resume? Apprenticeship answers all these questions. An apprenticeship is the baby step towards a successful career. Any manufacturing firm in London can nod in affirmative to this from the fact that there had been 84% rise in engineering apprenticeships .Most firms believe hiring apprentices enhance their reputation as employers in the market.


An apprenticeship makes a student more competitive in the job market. It also gives a candidate a fair idea of whether the particular field of chosen study is feasible for him in the long run based on getting a practical experience. It also gives a sense of responsibility, professionalism; work ethics to the students while they are still in colleges. This can actually help in eliminating difficulties most graduate trainees face during a sudden shift from a campus to a corporate culture.


From an employers point of view, hiring apprentices apart from enhancing their reputation, helps in increasing competitiveness and productivity of their work culture. They also help to reduce workload and fill the skill gap most of them are facing now. The employers get another benefit of training the employees while the apprentices are making a contribution to the organization. Most of these apprentices are made permanent employees depending on their performance.


The Apprenticeship programs at Alpha Gateway College are designed along with the pioneers in the industry and hence we offer you a structured platform to enable skill development along with industrial exposure. Our 1 year long course focusses not only on vocational but educational and personality development skills as well. Apprenticeships in London are the gateways to a successful career. So what are you waiting for? Launch your career with Alpha gateway apprenticeship programs!!