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Functional Skills are a key component of Apprenticeships in England, sitting alongside GCSE as the requirement for English and mathematics (and ICT for selected frameworks).

Our English Functional Skills qualifications are designed to equip learners with skills such as comparing the ideas and presentation of texts, writing for a specified audience and purpose, and communicating and adapting language. Theyre assessed in three units (Speaking, Listening and Communication; Reading; and Writing) through a choice of paper-based or onscreen, on-demand tests.

Our Maths Functional Skills qualifications are designed to develop the learners ability to represent situations using mathematics, analyse calculations, solve problems and interpret mathematics to explain situations. Theyre assessed in a single, external test (either paper-based or onscreen on demand).

Our ICT Functional Skills qualifications are designed to equip learners with the confidence and ability to use ICT systems and tools, and find, select, develop, present, and communicate information. Theyre assessed by a single, external, paper-based test that’s available on demand and completed at a computer.

Our Functional Skills Course

Course TitleDurationPrice 
Functional Skills Level 1 Maths3 Months£350Enrol
Functional Skills Level 1 English3 Months£350Enrol
Functional Skills Level 2 Maths5 Months £550Enrol
Functional skills Level 2 English5 Months£550Enrol
Functional Skills Level 1 ICT5 Months£550Enrol
Functional Skills Level 2 ICT5 Months£550Enrol