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Upskill 50+

What does the qualification cover?

This intensive yet conducive 2-week course will help people boost their self-confidence, realize their potential and benefits to an employer, and effectively practice their IT skills and digital job searching. This specialist support will be split into three, two-day intensive skills scan, identifying primary and secondary barriers to employment and designing an individual training plan, part two will include: 50+ Building Self-Confidence – addressing the areas highlighted from the skills scan and the final part will be 50+ Self-Presentation. Thursday and Fridays will be reserved for job search, one to one coaching and mentoring and support with interview techniques.

Who is it suitable for?

Persons over 50 who for a number of reasons are seeking re-entry into the job market. Our target participants are specifically those who are unlikely to look for work without some help to increase their motivation and confidence. This course is also relevant to people who have been on a career break and are timid about their chances of re-entry.