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Ready Steady Go!

What does the qualification cover?

This 8-day motivational training course followed by a 4-week intensive job search programme, with job matching to local, sustainable jobs is specially designed for young people looking for gainful and long-term employment in retail, hospitality, childcare, health and social care or hair and beauty. Ready Steady Go is designed to help customers to access the right jobs through expert support and guidance. By the end of this 6 weeks, each participant would have had at least 2 weeks of work experience in the sector of their choice, 3 scheduled interviews, f20 hours of supported job search online on their behalf. References will be given to all participants who eventually secure a job

Who is it suitable for?

Young persons from SME background who traditionally find it difficult to access JCP services. Within that sector, sub-sectors to include: – young people, NEETs, people with a need to increase confidence, motivation, and self-esteem.