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What does the qualification cover?

Our ESOL course is for people whose first language is not English and are seeking to improve their speaking, listening, reading and writing skills in order to increase their chances at sustainable employment and engagement with their community and social network. Our ESOL courses focus on language skills but also include employability and citizenship skills embedded in the delivery. We use a variety of activities and resources to make learning interesting, interacting and relevant. This 12-week Entry level 3 ESOL language course is designed to start people on the pathway out of social exclusion and into possible future employment. We expect all 100% to achieve the qualification and have an action plan on completion of the course.

Who is it suitable for?

People who traditionally find it difficult to access services primarily because they have very little knowledge of the English language and find it difficult to engage in day to day activities as a result of the language barrier. Within that sector, sub-sectors to include: – Black Minority Ethnic Communities, Asian women, people with an interested in improving their chances of getting out of unemployment.