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This Apprenticeship is for people who work with children ? from birth to 16-year-olds (and their families) ? in settings or services whose main purpose is childrens care, learning and development. Workers in this area make sure children are looked after, kept active, happy and nourished. They also help children develop social and practical skills.

This Apprenticeship gives people a fulfilling opportunity to work with children and young people while also gaining an understanding into the hows and whys of their development. Equally, it ensures candidates put childcare theory into practice. As an apprentice, the exact nature of your job role will depend on your employer. The Intermediate Level Apprenticeship is for those working under supervision such as a nursery assistant or playgroup assistant working with children under five.

The Advanced Level Apprenticeship is for those who work on their own initiative, planning and organising their own work and/or supervising others, for example, a nursery nurse,

playgroup leader or a child minder working in their own home.

After successful completion of this Apprenticeship, there is good scope for progression. You may move up through the levels of work, for example, from nursery assistant to nursery manager. There are also opportunities to undertake further training or assessment.

Children Young People Workforce Level 1

Children & Young People Workforce Diploma Level 2
Maths Level 1
English Level 1


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