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Certificate Courses in Health and Social Care

Why health care sector?


Want to make a real difference by taking up a career in Health and social care industry? According National Health Survey more than 1.6 million are employed in Health and allied sectors. For graduates entering the health sector, the following are the advantages

  • Stable and fixed national pay system
  • Flexible working hours
  • Career opportunities in Health care system ranges from medical services, pathological services, pharmacy, psychology, health care science and administration, nutrition and diet, midwifery etc. .
  • Wide range of allied working arenas from NHS, private health care, voluntary, nonprofit etc.


Framework for Health and Social Care courses

Alpha Gateway College London offers you Health and Social care courses designed to make students competent in Health Sciences and management as per global Health care scenario. Our programs are designed to make students adept in clinical knowledge, improving their medical prowess along with practical management skills. They are a blend of theoretical and practical learning with a sound critical understanding of health and social care policy. Internship and apprenticeship opportunities provided in our college equip you with skills you need for effective practice in a diverse, multidisciplinary environment and help get acquainted with industry thereby proving to be a stepping stone to a career in this field.?Curriculum also helps you comprehend your roles and responsibilities and have your achievements acknowledged.


Courses Offered

The following are certified level 2 courses for duration of 6 months

We also offer a diploma Level 3 course on Health and social care for duration of 9 months.

These courses cover 3 pathways

  • Generic Health and Social Care
  • Dementia
  • Learning Disability


Competence elements will be a nationally recognized vocational qualification that equips apprentice with required industrial skills. Our course offers Technical skills that are knowledge based curriculum intended to give apprentices an insight into the industry and a technical Certificate, skill elements in allied range of key requirement like Information Technology, Managerial skills, Basic Mathematical skill etc. to augment your employability skills.

Learning Outcomes of the Course


  • Strong technical skills to help critically analyse and lend your contributions to improve health sector in UK. Also helps in value addition to the industry in form of experience of care from a service users perspective.
  • Hands on skills, industrial exposure and cognitive skills that help you critically apply theoretical knowledge to real life situations and develop better professional practices.
  • Other key skills like management and business, information technology, effective communication and soft skills. This will enable you to increase your employability and progression by managing your learning curve, providing you with organizational skills to bridge the gap between academia and industry.

Admission & Eligibility Criteria


Entry requirements are a minimum age of 16 years and it is open to all adults interested in a career in this field. Upon completion of certificatory courses you will be progressed into Level 3

NHS Survey also states that 88 % of people working in the Health care field reported job satisfaction over their counterparts in other industries. Come join us and make a difference.