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All you want to know about Scope and Job Prospects involving Apprenticeships

The world of education is never ending nor satisfying. The hunger to learn and earn more is the key to success. Its rightly quoted by some author that, if you teach me, I will forget; if you show me, I will retain a little but if you involve me, I will never forget. Apprenticeships just follow this principle and offer on-job training to people to enhance their vocational skills and regain their lost confidence. Apprenticeships in London are getting huge positive response from the people which can be well analyzed with a lot of people getting enrolled into apprenticeship programs each year. But, somewhere in mind you are always inquisitive to know about the scope and future prospects of London apprenticeships.

Scope & Job prospects:

Apprenticeships London offers a wide spectrum of job roles when it comes to scope projection. There are many colleges offering different enrollment programs for apprenticeships in very diverse fields. Some of the courses and their scope are:

  • Health and Social Care Apprenticeship: If you want to work in a hospital but do not have a medical degree, then enrolling for this apprenticeship will fulfill all your desires. You are designated as a nurse, assistant doctor (assisting opticians, surgeons, and dentists), lab assistant, caretaker, physiotherapist and many more on the list after completing this course.
  • Business and Administration: Job roles such as company secretary, data entry clerks, PA, personal secretary, assistants in administrations, clerks etc are offered on completion of apprenticeship in business and administration.

  • Accountancy: Here you become a part of an organizations account handling team where you deal with the financial activities involving salary/ payrolls, taxes, expenditure etc.
  • Customer Service: The best-suited job roles for this apprenticeship include customer complaints handling and answering, company advisor etc
  • Team leading: As a Team leader your role includes briefing your team about the project, team motivation, approving the budget for a particular project etc.
  • Management: If you want to go for a short term course in business management, then opting for this apprenticeship will suffice your needs. You can hold designation such as assistant HR, assistant PR, assistant manager etc. you may also be designated to a position which involves strategic decision making.


This is just a snapshot of what all apprenticeships can offer. There are many colleges in London offering apprenticeships in various domains. You can pick one based on your requirement. These programs are customized and designed as per the demand of the employer and the student. The caliber of the students undergoing various apprenticeship programs can be well judged from the fact that many of them are retained by their employer.

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