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According to UK Complete University Rankings

  • Business Management is placed in the top 20 for professionals.
  • Graduate prospects in business course are a high 60% implying employing students have greater chances of entering into professional jobs within 6 months of graduating compared to other courses.
  • Business courses also come with apprentice opportunities and real life case studies thereby accentuating your organizational and interpersonal skills.
  • Most business courses bridge gap between academia and industry by striking a balance between theoretical and practical work.


Business Courses in AG College

At AG College we offer the following certified and diploma courses in Business

  • Accounting
  • Financial Services
  • Certificate in Business and Administration
  • Diploma in Business and Administration
  • Certificate in Team Leading
  • Diploma in Management Level


Our courses are certified level 2 and level 3 with duration varying from 6-12 months. The courses are designed to make our students fit to enter the global business scenario. Our curriculum helps students get a strong foundation in basic business disciplines like finance, accounting, marketing and systems. The curriculum also inculcates dynamic activities like case studies, real life business strategy creation, opportunity? to? assimilate? real-time? business? models? that? navigate? cultures,? economies and? markets. They are a quintessential mlange of classroom theoretical learning combined with practical business experience. Experiential? courses? will? help students comprehend how? knowledge? of? various? cultures? education? and? business? environment? can ?help them analyse global? business? issues? in? a? better? manner.

Internship and apprenticeship opportunities provided in our college equip you with skills you need for effective practice in a diverse, multidisciplinary environment and help get acquainted with the industry thereby proving to be a stepping stone to a career in this field.?The curriculum also helps you comprehend your roles and responsibilities.


Apprenticeship opportunities in Business Courses

  • They help you to supplement your technical skills with real life situations thereby helping bridge gap between academia and profession.
  • They help you play an important role within an organization thereby equipping students with professionalism, corporate and business ethics while they are still studying.
  • It will also help students to polish organizational and management skills along with the right set of corporate communicational skills.
  • The transferable sets of skills you receive help you to be in administrative office of any industry from health to manufacturing or from fashion to banking.
  • Ability to comprehend your skills and feasibility, make good contacts and explore different sectors.
  • More chances to get into a professional job as soon as you complete graduation.


Admission & Eligibility Criteria

Entry requirements are a minimum age of 16 years and it is open to all adults interested in a career in this field. Upon completion of certificatory courses, you will be progressed into Level 3.


Learning Outcomes

  • Versatile academic program with enhanced theoretical teaching methods combined with apprenticeship opportunities offered at our institute sets your learning curve in the right track and boosts your employability
  • Enhanced opportunities in various administrative and managerial positions in different sectors

We at Alpha Gateway College have been delivering professionals into the industry since 2003. Set your learning curve straight with our outstanding credentials.