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Welcome to Alpha Gateway College

Alpha Gateway College – formerly known as: Alpha Care Agency was incorporated in July 2000 and operated from 5 Blackhorse Lane London E17 6DS. We started with one office room and one training room at the Waltham Forest Business Centre which is now demolished.

We started with:


Audrey Soyam, Daniel Meguille, Edna Eniola, Anthony Fomuso, Anthony Eniola


Audrey Soyam, Anthony Fomuso

Alpha Gateway College is based in North London and has been involved in the provision of accredited learning and professional development of adults and young people since 2003. Due to the quality of delivery over the years, we have supported over 5000 learners to obtain accredited and certificated qualifications from National Vocational Qualifications to Diplomas and Higher National Diplomas from levels 1 to 5.

We pride ourselves on delivering customized, flexible training to suit the needs of our employers, learners, students and our major stakeholders. Based in Waltham Forest we have had the opportunity to support a diverse multicultural community. This has gone a long way to enhance our ability to understand diversity and manage programs that have been set to meet the various and diverse needs of our service users. This is reflected in the caliber and quality of the learners and staff we recruited over the years.

At our last annual graduation, we had over 250 students eligible for graduation in the following disciplines:

  • Business and Admin level 3
  • Customer Services level 3
  • Health and Social Care level 3, 5
  • CYPWF level 3, 5
  • Management level 3, 5

We now run the following accredited funded courses:

  • Apprenticeships in Health and Social Care level 2, 3, 5
  • Apprenticeships in Caring for Children and Young People levels 2, 3, 5
  • Management levels 3, 5
  • Apprenticeships in Business & Administration levels 2, 3
  • Apprenticeships in Customer Services Levels 2, 3
  • Apprenticeships in Team leading level 2

All our above courses are work-based learning with most of the delivery taking place at our apprentices’ place of work. We do run Functional Skills workshops here at Alpha Gateway College and some underpinning knowledge sessions too.

Support services include:

  • One to one support to all students
  • Tutorial Support
  • Email Support
  • Workshops
  • ICT suite
  • Administrative office support

We excel at providing health care training

Overall Success Rate Across All Qualifications
Continual Professional Development For Staff (CPD)
Pastoral Care & Support To Our Learners
Staff Development Within The Organisation
Building & Maintaining Partnerships
Employer Retention & Satisfaction
Engaging & Retaining New Work Partnerships

Our Course Strengths

Overall success rate across all qualifications - 95%
Continuous professional development for staff - 90%
Pastoral care and support to our leaners - 88%
Staff development within the organisation - 89%
Building and maintaining partnerships - 80%
Employer retention and satisfaction - 75%
Engaging and retaining new working partnerships - 83%